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Black Heroes of Mathematics and Chemistry

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Authors: Dr Sandra Appiah & Dr Nira Chamberlain

As University campuses gradually open to welcome students, let us celebrate our resilience in dealing with the global COVID-19 pandemic. Our young people have had to face several obstacles to secure places at Universities to continue with their academic journey. Indeed, there are uncertain and challenging times ahead (see the Royal Society report on Ethnicity in STEM academic communities | Royal Society:

With a low representation of Black academics in STEM subjects - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - it is necessary to be intentional in making visible role models for our students in these subject areas to help improve their success in academia.

Please join us in showcasing Blacks in STEM by registering and attending the following online events:

Organisers: The British Society for the History of Mathematics, the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, the Isaac Newton Institute, the London Mathematical Society, and the Mathematical Association

Target audience: students, academics of mathematics, and all interested in equity, diversity and inclusivity in academia

Vision: To celebrate the inspirational contributions of Black role models to the field of mathematics.


Organisers: Middlesex University, in partnership with McGraw Hill

Funder: Royal of Society of Chemistry

Target audience: All interested in equity, diversity and inclusivity in academia

Vision: To showcase inspirational black role models to the field chemical sciences.


Target audience: Students, academics and researchers in the chemical sciences

Vision: “To showcase research contributions of black scientists in the field of chemical sciences”

Please register to attend and let us work together to make visible blacks in academia.

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