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International Black Chemist

Research Conference 

This Royal Society of Chemistry-funded research conference has been designed to showcase the research of academics and researchers from black & global majority ethnic backgrounds working in the chemical sciences, with the goal of embedding their work in the curriculum.

09:30 We promise a fantastic start to the conference with a LIVE conversation with the Deputy-Vice-Chancellor of Research Exchange and Engagement, Middlesex University. 

09:45 - 13:15 Research presentations

Target audience: All interested in science from all ethnicities

Live workshop from 13:30 

How to become published by McGraw Hill 

 Target audience: students, researchers, lecturers, technical staff, and all interested in publishing research papers from all disciplines and ethnicities are cordially invited 

Please see the full schedule below.

15 December 2021

Free Online


The recordings are ready for your viewing.


Research Conference


15 December 2021


Opening conversation with Carole-Anne Upton, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research Knowledge Exchange & Engagement, Middlesex University

09:45 - 13:15



  • Dr Fideline Tchuenbou-Magaia, University of Wolverhampton, UK - From health-promoting foods to energy and green technology

  • Professor Robert Mokaya, University of Nottingham, UK -Sustainable energy material


  • Dr Cynthia Ibeto, University of Nigeria Nsukka, Nigeria - Assessing and monitoring environmental pollution

  • Professor Ting-Chao (David) Chou, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York - The Development of Functional Bio-Dynamic Theory and Algorithms

  • Professor Franklin Aigbirhio, University of Cambridge, UK - Applying directly chemistry to biomedical research

  • Professor Joshua Boateng, University of Greenwich, UK - Advanced Medicated Dressings for Treating Chronic Wounds

  • Dr Pontsho Moela, University of Pretoria, South Africa - RBBP6 is a potential cancer biomarker and drug target for breast and cervical cancers

  • Professor Amilra (AP) De Silva, Queen’s University, Belfast, UK - Fluorescent sensing and logic systems


How to become published, Laura Pacey, McGraw Hill Learning Science company



Award of prizes for poster presentations & closing remarks


End of Event


Poster presentations

Poster 1

Dr Milan Vu

PhD graduate

Betulinic acid and doxorubicin drug combination induced cell death in AML MOLM-13 cell lines via ROS stimulation

Poster 3

Rosemary Ofili

PhD candidate

Drug modulation of the apoptotic and autophagy pathways in cell models of chronic myeloid leukaemia and Alzheimer’s disease

Poster 5

Lynda N'da Koffi

MSc student

Optimisation of Bio-petrol Production from Lignocellulosic Hydrolysate using Escherichia Coli

Poster 2

Abiola Tosin Temitope

PhD candidate

Insight into Excited-State Dynamics Of Plant-Based UVFilters: From Simple To Complex Systems

Poster 4

Kenneth Russell Ancheta 

MRes graduate

Guadecitabine alters DNA methylation of immune-related pathways and genes in recurrent platinum-resistant ovarian cancer

Poster 6

Uchechukwu Anyadike

PhD candidate

Rheological Characterisation of Creams And Gels for Performance and Stability Prediction

Poster 7

Anabel Ekere

Schlumberger fellow

Bioconversion of Waste into Value-added Biomaterial

Poster 9

Alejandra Gonzalez Baez 

PhD candidate


Poster 8

Constance Ojo

PhD candidate

Active Packaging From Food Waste

Browse through the posters by clicking on the button below.

Opening and Closing Remarks 


Prof Carole-Anne Upton

DVC Research Knowledge Exchange & Engagement at Middlesex University

Sandra Appiah  Photo.jpg

Dr Sandra Appiah

Senior Lecturer in  Biochemistry at Middlesex University

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