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Showcasing Successes
in Academia 


There is a great need to address the under-representation of specific ethnic groups in senior roles across Higher Education (HE) institutions in the UK. We also recognise a need to collaborate with different stakeholders to help diversify the curriculum in HE.


Workshops and research conferences have contributed to these important discussions on co-creating successes in academia by diversifying the leadership and diversifying the curriculum. Please access the videos by clicking on 'Recordings' on the toolbar. A huge thanks to all the presenters and attendees to events. More events are planned for the future. Please check this website for updates on this platform.   


Making visible the outstanding contributions of academics of Black and global majority ethnic backgrounds to the advancement of science and building capacity for them in executive leadership roles in UK Universities.


The purpose is to empower the young generation from Black and global majority ethnic backgrounds through representation in key leadership roles, involved in the strategic planning of Universities, to give them a sense of pride, confidence, and belonging.


A strategy will be developed in collaboration with academics, senior leadership teams across institutions, students, and other stakeholders. This will involve diagnosing the key problems and developing actions to tackle the problems. 

Many congratulations to Prof. Robert Mokaya - he was 
honoured with an OBE in the New Year Honours for services to the chemical sciences. Please see an article about it via:

Read the Missing Elements report published in March 2022 by the:
& the Royal Society of Chemistry:

Past Events
The recordings are ready for your viewing.

Chemistry Lab

Career in the chemical sciences 

The workshop focused on notable academics who narrated their professional journeys, highlighting obstacles and opportunities.

Reading a book

International Black Chemist Research Conference

The conference showcased the research of academics and researchers from black & global majority ethnic backgrounds,  with the goal of embedding their work in the curriculum

Open Books

Pioneering in Diverse Leadership

The workshops had been designed to showcase our leaders and highlight the successes of our graduates.

019 - Hendon Campus_edited.jpg

20th Middlesex Annual Learning & Teaching Conference

Co-creating a decolonised curriculum: moving beyond metrics to a dialogue for change.

McGraw Hill is privileged to partner with Middlesex University on this Inclusivity & Diversity initiative to showcase the work of black and ethnic minority authors. It is important to increase the visibility of black role models in the academic community and the Royal Society of Chemistry-funded research into black chemists is an excellent starting point. Our collaboration with diverse groups of academics and students will help us continue to develop inclusive learning resources across all disciplines.

McGraw Hill

Student & Graduate Speakers

For the Pioneering Diversity Workshop

About Us

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